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  • Glucose and Ketone Testing with One Monitor
  • This video describes the importance of measuring both glucose and blood ketones with Nova Max Plus monitor. Also described are Nova Max Plus features for fast, easy, and accurate glucose and ketone testing, and information on how to obtain a Nova Max Plus monitor.

  • Getting Started with Nova Max Plus
  • This video provides an introduction to Nova Max Plus display features, instructions on setting the monitor date and time, setting or turning off alarms, and running a quality control sample.

  • Monitoring Your Blood Glucose and Ketone
  • This video illustrates the simple steps to accurately measure blood glucose or ketone levels using Nova Max Plus. Also included is information on the importance of hand washing, appropriate sampling sites, and sample collection.

  • Important Facts about Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and Blood Ketone Testing
  • This educational video provides important information regarding warning signs of DKA; when DKA is mostly likely to develop; how self-test for blood ketones using Nova Max Plus can help prevent DKA; and actions to take based on blood ketone results. This video is part of the "Living with Diabetes" program produced by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) to educate people on self-management of diabetes.
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